The Secret Life of an American Teenager Throws a Wedding!

Courtesy: ABC Family/Randy Holmes

ABC Family’s hit series The Secret Life of the American Teenager is throwing a two-hour wedding event tonight as Adrian (Francia Raisa) and Ben (Ken Baumann) get ready to tie the knot.

As the big day arrives, the couple puts on brave faces for each other. What Adrian doesn’t tell Ben is that she is having second thoughts about getting married so quickly. Then, the newly married couple settles into their condo as Mr. and Mrs. Boykewich and, on returning to school, are the subjects of a celebration. But all may not be well. Later that night, as Adrian and Ben are trying to fall asleep, she feels something odd and calls the doctor.

You will have to tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to find out if all is well with the baby, but first we talk to Francia about what lies ahead for Adrian, what she would do if she were in similar shoes and what it is like to be fake pregnant!

What can we expect from your character this season?

Francia Raisa: Well, I’m pregnant right now on the show and we are planning our wedding, so you can expect a lot of drama within our families and with each other.  Just imagine 16-year-olds getting pregnant, married and moving in together and still trying to plan a college life!

What would you say to a girl who was in your shoes?  Is that what you would do — get married at that young age?

Francia Raisa: Oh gosh — that is an interesting question.  I say this: If that is the love of your life and it feels right to you, then go ahead and do it.  But don’t do it just because you’re having a child.  That shouldn’t be the reason why you’re getting married.  A child is going to grow in a happy home no matter what.  And if the parents are together because of the child — that it’s going to be miserable because the parents are going to constantly be fighting and blaming each other or the child for what happened.  So no, I don’t advise it.

What was that experience like acting at being pregnant. Did you find yourself thinking, “Oh, God, I feel pregnant”?

Francia Raisa: No — I was happy!  I was thinking, “I don’t have to suck it in today!” It was great!

Was it liberating? You could pig out at the crafts services table?

Francia Raisa: Yes, it was liberating!  I was eating a lot more. I was like, “Woo!  I have to be fat.  Thank God!”  I was on set, rubbing the belly like it was real, scratching it.  It was a pillow — kind of like a pad that they strapped on me.

Did you have to learn how to walk and get up out of the chair like a pregnant woman?

Francia Raisa: Yes, I did all of that. And Ken got mad at me and was like, “Stop doing that!  You’re not really pregnant!”

How long were you pregnant while you were filming?

Francia Raisa: It was quite a while.  It wasn’t nine months, but it was a while.  It got annoying to put it on, but the great thing is I got to take it off at the end of the day. It was fake. Now that the shows are airing, and I am fat in those shows — well not fat, pregnant, some people come up to me and say “God, they make your cheeks look so fat.  How do they do that?”

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