The Biggest Loser’s Becky Comet and Vinny Hickerson Are “Laser Focused on Winning That At-Home Prize”

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The last two eliminated contestants from The Biggest Loser,
Becky Comet and Vinny Hickerson, talked to reporters about their goals approaching the show’s finale this week; specifically their determination to win the show’s at-home prize and their plans moving forward.

What were some of the top things you learned at the ranch that have helped you continue your weight loss at home?
Becky Comet:
The learning curve was definitely straight up. I learned so much about nutrition and how to eat healthy – fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish and chicken. I learned different ways to cook them and experimented a lot with different ways to cook. Workout wise, I learned so much from the trainers. Anna (Kournikova) always preached, “Keep it simple.” Well, keep it simple stupid. She preached the “KISS” method. Do the things that you can do at home. And Bob (Harper) was kind of the same way – a lot of circuit training. Just keep moving.
Vinny Hickerson: Anna never taught me to kiss, but I do believe in the keep it simple method. We did workouts for Dolvett (Quince) that required nothing but a piece of floor. We did workouts with Bob, where we went hiking. So if you don’t have a gym or you don’t even have a roof over your head, you can still do things.

How difficult was it juggling your everyday life with eating healthy and working out?
Becky Comet:
I did go back to work…I felt a responsibility to my school and students. But along with that, I really felt like if I was going to stand on that stage and say, “I’m a working mom. If I can do this, you can,” then I really needed to be a working mom when I went through the process. I’m going to be the first to tell you it was difficult to work in all the workouts between the time that I got home and now. But it was so worth it for me to realize that I really could do that, because, before, that was my excuse. “Oh, I don’t have time. It’s just not going to work, because I don’t have time.” I kind of blew that excuse out of the water, now. When I came home, my husband had already lost weight. He had already lost 50 pounds. So he was on board and ready to go as far as the nutrition part and as far as the exercise, too. We did a lot of working out together. He’s a coach and a certified trainer. So along with the trainer that I worked with, he was kind of my trainer too. I got kind of a double whammy. So although it was difficult, it was doable and I made it work.
Vinny Hickerson: I’m a performer, an entertainer and a songwriter. I wasn’t really allowed to go back to work, because in my line of work you have to be photographed and all that stuff. So I wasn’t really able to go back to doing that. I haven’t got to experience what it will be like on the tour bus and riding around, but I have prepared some workouts with my trainer to help me. Dolvett has helped me put together workouts, because obviously he’s dealt with entertainers on the road in the past. My nutrition has been great. I’ve really become a pretty good cook. When I got to the ranch, I didn’t cook. But by the end of it, I would cook fish and stuff for everybody. I wanted to get better. I actually learned how to cook fish from Becky.

What are your goals, moving forward?
Becky Comet:
I’m looking forward to just living a healthy lifestyle with my husband. Getting ready for the finale has been a lot of work and doing things that, I shouldn’t say I don’t enjoy, but are just routine kind of workouts. We want to get to where we just do things we like to do that are active and healthy. We have bicycles. We’re going to ride bicycles together. He plays racket ball, and he’s going to teach me to how to play racquetball. We want to be active and healthy and do some things together.
Vinny Hickerson: My dreams seem to be never ending. Everybody always says, “Vinny, you dream too big.” But I always want to reach the next rung of the ladder. I always say, “I’m happy, but I’m never content.” I want to be in the movies. I want to have a number one hit song on the radio. I want to inspire people by going out and talking and doing speaking engagements and letting them know they can do it, too. There’s all that, but my number one focus in the near future is to get married to Lori. We don’t know the exact date… Then, I want to start having some kids. I want a son to teach how to play football and a little daughter to basically make sure nobody ever harms her.

Will you be inviting any Biggest Loser contestants to your wedding?
Vinny Hickerson:
I made great friends [on the ranch], and I really loved everybody I got to take this journey with. I became really close to Ramon (Medeiros), obviously. We were teammates from the beginning. And then to Becky and Antone (Davis) being my teammates to the very end. They helped me so much every day, and they’ll probably have special places in the wedding for sure. But everybody would be invited. All these people at the ranch have become life-long friends.”

Have you done enough to win the at-home prize?
Becky Comet:
I think Vinny will agree with me that we definitely learned everything we needed to learn. And I think we’re both laser focused on winning that at-home prize. I don’t think that’s a question. I know I can do it. I know Vinny is right on my heels, or I’m on his heels. I’m not too sure which. We haven’t seen each other.
Vinny Hickerson: I know that I’ve been working my hardest. For me, the ultimate prize is the health that I’ve gained, the way I feel about myself and my body, and the way I look in my clothes. I know Becky is the same way. I think we’re both very strong contenders to win it… We were blessed to get to do this. I definitely think it could be either one of us. I hope it is one of us.

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