The Biggest Loser Contestants Walk Out!

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston

The Biggest Loser is supposed to be more about weight loss and changing your life than it is about the $250,000 prize that is awarded the person who is still on the ranch and has the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of the season.

But this season, it seems that the contestants are more into game play than turning their lives around, which they have just proved by forcing the producers to shut down production at the ranch in protest of one of the twists of the game.

In season’s  past, the producers have always put in some twists to the game, including bringing back contestants who have been voted off. Fans of the show know this.

But the buzz from TMZ is that this season, the current contestants were having none of it and revolted, causing “The Biggest Loser” to cease filming.

It is only February and the finale isn’t scheduled to air until May, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned.

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