The Amazing Race or Dumb and Dumber?

Courtesy: CBS/Robert Voets

You would think that after one stint on The Amazing Race returning teams would have learned some lessons about what not to do. Simple things like never booking a connecting flight, when there’s a direct one available; especially when all you can gain is a 15 minute advantage. And never searching for a needle in a haystack –- or a “lucky” frog in a mud field –- when any other challenge is on the table. Yet, almost every squad opted for one or both of the above, making last night’s episode look more like a Dumb and Dumber sequel.

The play was so bad that Team Red(heads), Jaime & Cara, who really should hightail it to traffic school after the race, averted a last place finish despite a car accident and having to wait for cops to arrive on the scene. No one was more shocked than the gals themselves, when they began reciting Phil’s elimination speech at the pit stop, only to learn there was a team behind them: Mel & Mike.

The father and son saps were sent packing after making two stupid mistakes. Yep. They booked that connecting flight and decided to play find the frog in the mud, the latter proving too much for papa Mel to handle.

Ironically, Zen & Justin made the same dopey choices, but somehow prevailed to finish first. Go figure. Obviously, their frog was lucky, but the pair better start making better decisions if they hope to win it all. Because in the end smarts will prevail over luck.

By the way, there was one smart team last night; the only duo who didn’t book the early flight that ended up arriving over an hour late or decide to go frog diving: Flight Time & Big Easy. If these guys continue playing this way, they’re a sure bet to go globetrotting to the finish line, first.

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