Susan Lucci on All My Children — The Movie!

Courtesy: The Rachael Ray Show

It’s been four months since the cancellation of All My Children, and Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane) can’t go anywhere without people asking her about a reunion. The actress shares her thoughts on the subject and some inside information about what’s in the works on the Wednesday, February 1st episode of The Rachael Ray Show.

“I have to say people stop me in airports, in the theater here in New York on Broadway,” explains Lucci. “I mean, people stop me all the time and ask me, ‘Is there a chance All My Children will come back?’ I say it ain’t over ’til it’s over! You know, there’s still people interested, they’re still talking to Agnes (Nixon, the show’s creator) about one way or the other. Some people are talking about maybe a movie. Some people are talking about a play or a musical.”

As for a perk of no longer adhering to the grueling schedule of a daytime soap, Lucci shares that it’s being able to watch more TV.

“Actually, since I’m not on All My Children and [working] those late, late hours, I get to see television, and I absolutely love several things,” admits Lucci.

What’s Lucci’s favorite show?

“First of all, I love Dancing with the Stars!” she says.

Hear what else Lucci has to say about the secret to her successful marriage, as well as her biggest regret, by tuning in to The Rachel Ray Show, tomorrow. To find out what network the syndicated show airs in your area and showtimes, check out

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