Survivor’s Rob Mariano Gears up for Next Big Adventure

Courtesy: CBS/John Paul Filo

Rob Mariano had his share of adventures on Survivor and Amazing Race. Now he’s gearing up for his next wild ride, literally, on the upcoming History Channel series, Around the World in 80 Days.

Mariano will co-host Around the World in 80 Ways with Dennis Anderson, the creator and driver of monster truck Gravedigger. The two men will navigate themselves around the globe in the 10-part series, using 80 different modes of travel. And they’re not allowed to repeat any one.

The two men will use everything from blimps to ostriches to fighter jets. They’ll build some of their own vehicles, too. Sometimes they’ll work as a team; other times they’ll compete against one another in a race to the finish line.

With their competitive personalities and desire to win at any cost, it will make for an intriguing journey.

Look for Around the World in 80 Ways to make its debut later this year.

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