Pretty Little Liars Returns Tonight for the Second Half of Season Two

Courtesy: ABC Family/Danny Feld

One month has passed since Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) were arrested when Pretty Little Liars returns for the second half of its second season and a lot has changed in Rosewood.  No longer are the four Liars best friends, but “A” has caused them to turn on each other and Emily is completely out in the cold.

But before the episode airs tonight, we checked in with Lucy, Shay, Hanna and Spencer to get their thoughts on what they would like to see happen for their characters.

Lucy Hale: I want to see Aria and Ezra finally man up and tell her parents. I really want to see that. The girls are sort of turning the tables on “A,” gaining confidence in that they’re going to rule the game, they’re going to win this game, so their confidence grows in that way, so that’s really cool. I felt for a while they were just these scared little girls who didn’t know what to do, and now they’re growing up really fast because of this experience.

Ashley Benson: I want to see how she handles her family life. There are so many things that have changed for her now with her dad and that whole situation. I want to see where that all goes and I want to see how she handles Kate, I want to see how the friendship with the girls progresses, and Caleb, as well, because who knows if he will move to California or not.

Shay Mitchell: I want to see Emily have a serious relationship. I watch every episode and when I see the whole scenes of Aria running into the sunset with Ezra, I’m like, ‘Hey, I want Emily to have that too with a serious girlfriend. So we’re pushing for that but I do feel like this is very necessary for her to have a lot of interactions with different girls so she can really know what she likes. It’s new for her so I think dating is important.

Pretty Little Liars returns tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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