Nikita’s Shane West Goes Rogue!

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The countdown to the season finale of Nikita has begun with Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) hooking up in both their personal lives and in their determination to take down Division.

With only three episodes left, West talks to thehollywoodknow about what lies ahead as Nikita heads to either a big season finale … or series finale … if The CW doesn’t pick the show up for a second season.

Are you glad they didn’t do a will they/won’t they with Michael and Nikita for five seasons? You two are already together.

Shane West: I am glad that the characters are together because that is what we always wanted. But I was shocked that it happened so quickly, and, I think, Maggie was, too. It seemed like it was what the fans wanted too, but on ER, it took me three years to get one kiss.

Now that they are together, it is not going to make it any easier. They are different people from similar backgrounds and troubled people are attracted to each other, but they do handle situations differently. So now we are having what some would call those dreaded relationship talks, going, “How do we do this?” It is not going to be easy peasy. You will find that out quickly in the next few episodes before the show ends.

What can you tease for us about the remaining episodes?

Shane West: We are immediately going into the fact that Michael and Nikita are now in a partnership and it has to include Alex [Lyndsy Fonseca]. So it is about: How does Alex find out? In one of the episodes coming up, we are working on getting her out of Division.

The way the season is going to end is it is going to look nothing like it did when it started. There are going to be all different splits in the factions. In the finale, Percy’s [Xander Berkeley] plan is to take over the CIA and Alex has gone rogue, so we can figure out what that means. Nikita and I are incapacitated separately, so we can’t help anybody else.

Now that Michael is a double agent, how do you get into that mind set?

Shane West: I just pretend. I think one of the most exciting things about this show is pretending to be a kid again. These are things I grew up pretending to do and be all the time. I never thought I would get to do that at 32. I thought maybe that would happen when I was older. To get the opportunity to be second in command under Percy and actually organize and control people around me, and fire guns and do all the action sequences, it is a dream come true.

So going forward, is he looking to stay at Divison and tear it apart from the inside, or he is looking to work with Nikita more?

Shane West: I think it is both currently. Now that we are working as a unit that is what we are going to try and do: take apart Division from the inside. Things may change and we may have to do something different, but that is the plan currently.

We saw a little bit of Michael’s life before Division. Does he still long for a normal life? Is he capable of it?

Shane West: A part of him does long for that. I don’t know if he is capable currently. I think if he is, the only other love he had in his life was Nikita. I think maybe tragically or maybe it will work out all right. Maybe they can have that relationship and have some sense of normalcy, which she never had. Now that he has gotten revenge, he has always been a strong character, but now he is a little weaker and he doesn’t know where he is going. There is a lot of trust that he is giving to Nikita. I think he is such a passionate guy – and he is a survivor. I think he is always going to be okay. But, I think over time, he will lean toward wanting to have what he had before it was taken away from him.

How are you feeling about being picked up for a season two?

Shane West: We are feeling pretty good. We feel we have something really special and we put more work than normal into this show – not that other shows don’t put a lot of work in.  Apparently, Maggie said we put more work in than other shows because we do a lot of six-day work weeks. Usually, it is eight days for an hour drama and we have done a lot of nine and 10.

It was important that we put together a good project. We wanted to do the best production of this series and we love the fact that they have committed to it financially as well, so we are able to make these Bourne Identity-type action sequences.

Nikita airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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