NeNe Leakes, Star Jones Deliver Fireworks on The Celebrity Apprentice

Courtesy: NBC/Douglas Gorenstein

Who really cared about the task, producing a hair show highlighting Farouk products, on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice? The teasing, flat ironing, and hair spraying all took a back seat to the explosive behind-the-scenes action. Namely, the fireworks between Star Jones and NeNe Leakes and the return of La Toya Jackson.

Leake’s attack on Jones was must-see TV from beginning to end. She went after her nemesis like a fire-breathing dragon, cursing and calling her names. Jones kept her cool in the name of maintaining her dignity, but, in all honesty, looked a tad scared of the real housewife from Atlanta.

In between the feuding, A.S.A.P., under Leakes’s leadership, came up with a Shake Your Beauty campaign that involved a lot of hair tossing, but not much of a theme. But, hey, what can you expect with all that dissension?

Meanwhile, Backbone, a group of men who admittedly knew nothing about hair care, pulled together. It seemed only fitting that project manager Lil Jon, he of the long dreadlocks, coined the team’s slogan: Feeling Good in America, since the client’s products were all made in the USA. That and a killer presentation impressed Farouk Shami.

Donald Trump delivered the verdict in the boardroom — the men won, reigniting Leakes’s tirade toward Jones. She called Jones “vicious” and “backstabbing;” then, went after Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk, charging her with being a puppet on Jones’s string.

The floor show was interrupted by the return of Jackson. The Donald recounted how Jackson met with him, explained Jones sabotaged her, and asked for a chance to come back and prove her worth on the men’s team. Since Trump granted Jackson’s wish, he wanted her to weigh in on A.S.A.P. Of course, Jackson backed up Leakes’s take on Jones and named Dworaczyk the team’s weakest link. In the end, even Jones had to agree.

It left Trump with a no-brainer decision. Firing the docile Dworaczyk left A.S.A.P. a stronger team moving forward. Well, that is, if Leakes and Jones can somehow talk it out, make peace, and move on. Whether or not they can, the show’s bound to get a ratings boost next week, as everyone tunes it to watch the potential fireworks.

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