Melissa McCarthy to Launch Plus-Size Clothing Line

Courtesy: FOX/Phil McCarten

Finding smart, stylish clothes has always been a struggle for Mike & Molly star, Melissa McCarthy, and never was it more challenging than while searching for a gown to wear to the 2011 Primetime Emmys. So the 41-year-old actress has decided to do something about it. McCarthy is starting her own plus-size clothing line.

“Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible,” McCarthy told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s either for like a 98-year-old woman or a 14-year-old hooker, and there is nothing in the middle.”

McCarthy recounted her frustrating experience of “shopping” for an Emmy dress, noting that she combed through “9 million dresses with taffeta or shiny bows” to no avail.

In the end, McCarthy opted to design her own dress. With the help of couture dressmaker Daniella Pearl, the result was the beautiful violet gown McCarthy wore to the Emmys.

Now McCarthy’s goal is to bring fashionable items like that to plus-size women everywhere. We wish her luck on the clothing launch.

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