Medical Crisis for Former General Hospital Star Sharon Wyatt

Sharon Wyatt has lived through her share of daytime drama as General Hospital’s Tiffany Hill and Passions’s Rachel Barrett. Now, the actress is enduring a real-life drama of her own. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Wyatt revealed that she has osteonecrosis, a condition known as bone death, and will be undergoing surgery on April 8.

“I just want my jaw back,” said Wyatt, who believes she got the condition from taking Fosamax, the drug her doctor prescribed to treat the early stages of osteoporosis in her back four years ago. “It was supposed to help [my] bones, but it made [them] worse.”

Fosamax, a Merck company drug, is currently the object of a number of lawsuits.

Wyatt’s greatest fear is how her condition might affect her ability to speak. As an actress, who earns a living saying lines, it would be disastrous.

Nevertheless, Wyatt, who is responsible for the care of her elderly mother, is determined to stay positive and strong, noting that she’ll “get through this.”

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