Marcia Cross & Felicity Huffman on the End of Desperate Housewives

Courtesy: ABC/Danny Feld

Even though Desperate Housewives producer Marc Cherry tried to reach all the cast members before the announcement was made that the series would be ending at the end of this season, he only reached about half of them.

So when Marcia Cross (Bree) heard the news, she sent an email to Felicity Huffman (Lynette), who hadn’t heard yet.

“I didn’t know she didn’t know yet,” Marcia says. “She’s usually more in the loop than I am, really.  I’m like the mom with two kids frazzled in the background.  So that’s why it never occurred to me [she wouldn't have heard].”

The two women had hoped the series would go one additional year longer, but say it wasn’t a big surprise that it is going to wrap up at the end of this season.

“I think it does have a lot more life.  I think it easily could’ve gone to year nine,” Felicity says. “But I think ABC, very respectfully, and I give them kudos, decided that the way to end a great show is on a high note, and rather than risk ratings slipping, they said, ‘Let’s end it out with as much enthusiasm as we came in with.’”

Marcia says she is going to miss, “all the little things that you don’t see, like the people.  It’s really the people.  I think, obviously, the work, the work first, but then after that, all the people, all the relationships, all the moments you share with people.”

When Felicity got cast in the earth-mother role as Lynette, she says she wasn’t getting a lot of scripts.  The success of Desperate Housewives has certainly turned that around, making her past eight years quite a journey.

“It was a rocket,” she admits.  I don’t even think I realized it actually until the second year. Once you recognize the phenomenon of it, you sort of think there’s still a distance from yourself because I still couldn’t believe it was real.  And oddly enough, now that it’s ending, I sort of go, ‘Oh, wow. There really was a shooting star for eight years, a long shooting star.

“It’s been a journey of loving of having a job, the same job to go to for years.  I don’t like traveling.  I like being at home.  It’s been that wonderful, rare feeling of taking a break and knowing you have a job to come back to.  So that’s been fantastic.”

As part of wrapping up the Desperate Housewives storyline, Marc had announced he would bring back some past cast members.

“I hope so,” Felicity says when she is told. “As long as we’re not trespassing on good storytelling, because although it’s sweet to watch people come back, I think it oftentimes impedes good storytelling.”

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  1. Mikey M says:

    Has Felicity watched the show? A couple more years? She’ll miss the paycheck.

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