Daters Select The Hottest Jewish Celebrity Singles of the Year

Courtesy: ABC/Ron Tom

Jewish online dating website surveyed thousands of singles, to find out which Jewish celebrities are the sexiest of the year.

“When it comes to Hollywood’s leading men, women swoon over James Franco, and we can understand why,” said Shira Kallus, Relationship Advisor for Jewcier. “He’s the complete package: author, poet, actor, director and screenwriter. The only thing missing from his resume is Doctor, but we’ll give him time.”

As for the ladies, Mila Kunis beat out both sexy Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli, as well as Woody Allen’s muse, Scarlett Johansson. Perhaps it was the hot, Jewish girl on Jewish girl scenes that she shared with Natalie Portman in last year’s Black Swan, that boosted Mila into top slot.

Following are the complete poll results:

James Franco            43.90%
Jake Gyllenhaal        25.61%
Joseph Gordon-Levitt  12.20%
Shia LeBeouf            9.76%
Sean Penn                 4.88%
Andrew Garfield       2.44%
Jonah Hill                  1.21%
Jeremy Piven            0.00%

Mila Kunis            36.90%
Bar Refaeli            17.86%
Scarlett Johansson  13.10%
Katie Couric            10.72%
Dianna Agron          8.33%
Emmanuelle Chriqui  4.76%
Sarah Silverman      4.76%
Katarina Graham    3.57%

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