General Hospital’s Controversial Pairing: Michael and Abby

Courtesy: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Move over Luke and Laura! General Hospital has a new controversial couple: teenage ex-con, Michael, and his 20-something, ex-stripper girlfriend, Abby. The duo took the next step in their relationship this week, when they finally made love.

While the scenes were played out with the tenderness and respectfulness they deserved -– remember Michael was a virgin with serious intimacy issues, after having been raped in prison –- they certainly didn’t lack in the sexiness department thanks to the chemistry between actors Chad Duell and Andrea Bogart. Duell, for one, saw it immediately.

“Andrea was only supposed to be on for one day when Abby was hired by Sam to sleep with Michael,” recounts Duell. “After our scenes I remember telling her, ‘You’ll be back.’ I could tell because of what we did and the chemistry [we had].”

The GH scribes saw it, too, immediately penning more Michael and Abby scenes.

“They brought her back,” says Duell. “They were wanting a little love interest for Michael. They saw the connection there when we filmed, so they went with it.”

In spite of Duell and Bogart’s ten year age difference. He’s 23; she’s 33.

“I wasn’t too shocked,” contends Duell, who applauded the bold move. “The first time Andrea and I worked together, yeah, it was a little strange and awkward. But it was supposed to be, so it worked. Now we’re really comfortable with each other and good friends. It just makes our chemistry stronger.”

And Duell is eagerly going with it. “I don’t know what the plans are for way in the future,” admits Duell. “But for right now it’s working out, and it’s great.”

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9 Responses to General Hospital’s Controversial Pairing: Michael and Abby

  1. judy says:

    Abby and Michael are the cutest couple on GH….Hope they are around for a long time they have great chemistry and play off each other well!!!

  2. trisha says:

    Great article about Michael and Abby.Im loving this couple on General Hospital.

  3. Lisa Lemon says:

    Love them, best couple on GH so HOT!!

  4. Jackie says:

    New York City Times Square stopped for the wedding of Luke and Laura. No couple has ever been that exciting until Michael and Abby. Abby trying to find herself and Michael struggling with a horror. Age has never been the issue as Michael/Abby help each other heal and grow as people. Abby is still learning but loves Michael so much he wants him to live out his future even if it means without her. She gives him unconditional love and he has a person he loves that can finally be honest with him. Luke/Laura was then when many viewers were young too. Michael/Abby are for this generation to understand love has no bounderies and can last a life time if only as best friends. I hope the writers keep this couple true and Chad and Andrea make this story come to real life and sometimes makes the viewer cry their so real and perfect for each other.

  5. bonnie says:

    I love the paring of michael and abby I think Andrea and Chad are great actors they really draw you in to there story. good job gh with keeping a great couple and recognizing chemistry and good acting

  6. sarah says:

    I for one, like them together………

  7. sarah stjohn says:

    I like them together

  8. Awa S. says:

    Great article.

    I adore Michael and Abby. These two were meant to be. They were two broken individuals that found solace in each other. They turned an awkward moment into a story that was destined to be told. Their profound connection and amazing Chemistry prove that LOVE has no boundaries and age is nothing but a number. Go Mabby!!!!

    Thank you Chad and Andrea for the Magic you create on screen. ROCK ON….

  9. Nina Avion says:

    Michael and Abby are one of the best pairings on daytime tv. I hope this storyline continues indefiently! Awesome casting GH!

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