Ashton Kutcher Strips Down for Two and a Half Men Ad

Courtesy: CBS

Ashton Kutcher won’t be looking to fill Charlie Sheen’s shoes, pants or bowling shirts, when the new season of Two and a Half Men debuts this fall. And, to emphasize the point, he posed semi-nude for the show’s promo photo.

“All will be revealed,” reads the sign held by Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus Jones, all of whom appear to be naked behind it.

Kutcher, of course, will replace Sheen, who was fired from the CBS sitcom in March. The decision was made after Sheen’s erratic behavior, both on and off set, undermined the show’s production, culminating with a verbal battle with the series creator Chuck Lorre.

The show’s producers have said Kutcher won’t be playing Sheen’s character, womanizer Charlie Harper. So what type of character will he be portraying?

As the sign says, “All will be revealed,” on September 19.

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