7 Burning Questions for The Walking Dead’s Season 3 Premiere

Courtesy: AMC/Frank Ockenfels

Are you ready for more of “The Walking Dead”? AMC TV’s delightfully gory zombie-pocalypse series returns for its third season at 9/8C p.m. Sunday, October 14, and we’ve got your cheat sheet for the premiere.

The March finale was a real barn-burner, as they say, leaving Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group bruised, broken and on the run after Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) farm was overrun by Walkers.  A mysterious hooded figure rescued Andrea (Laurie Holden) in the woods, and more nifty story threads were also dangled before us like a hanging man’s feet in front of a clan of hungry Walkers.

So in case you haven’t been watching the “Beside the Dying Fire” finale over and over again obsessively on your DVR like we have, here are some critical questions that need to be answered this season. (Very minor spoilers to follow.)

  1. Who was in the helicopter that led the zombie herd from the city to the farm in the finale’s first 3 minutes? Does this mean there is a civilized group of survivors somewhere?
  2. What about Randall’s gang? If a herd of zombies could find the farm, couldn’t Randall’s opportunistic buddies find Rick’s group?
  3. What’s in store for Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) baby? Is she still pregnant? And if she has the infant, will it be human or zombie?
  4. Will the prison spied just over the ridge prove to be a safe haven  or even more horrific?
  5. Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) nasty brother, Merle (Michael Rooker), is rumored to be returning. Will he seek bloody vengeance against Rick for leaving him handcuffed on that rooftop so long ago?
  6. Will Rick and Lori’s young son Carl (Chandler Riggs) continue on his path as a creepy, pre-teen sociopath?
  7. Can the hooded figure with the zombies on leashes be trusted?

For videos and more sneak peeks inside Season 3 of “The Walking Dead,” visit http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead.

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