Ali Fedotowsky, the New Oprah?

Move over Oprah! The Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky is now sharing
her favorite things –- everything from fitness tips to fashion
finds to products she loves — with her devoted followers.

Fans of the blonde starlet, known for her savvy style and taut
bikini body, can learn all of her “likes” by registering at

“I am a normal girl [who] loves trying a new workout, finding a
great deal, or discovering a beauty product that will change my
life,” shared Fedotowsky. “Through OpenSky, I am able to share my
favorite things with you, like what helps me stay in shape and
where I get my clothes.”

Fedotowsky sent out her first email to followers, a fitness tip,
on May 27. And she promises there will be more.

“Hope you guys love this stuff as much as I do!” said Fedotowsky.

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