Who is America’s Favorite Actor on TV?

Courtesy: CBS/Brian Bowen Smith

The Q Ratings, a survey that reveals who the most popular actors on TV are, have been released and the top-rated actor was totally a surprise to me. 

The cast of NCIS, one of the highest-rated dramas on the tube, dominated the top five spots,  with Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby, taking first place, according to EW.

So where is Mark Harmon, who I thought would be No. 1, the star of NCIS? He came in at No. 4.

Here is how they stack up:

1.  Pauley Perrette
2.  Cote de Pablo — Ziva on NCIS
3.  Jim Parsons — Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory
4.  Mark Harmon
5.  David McCallum — Ducky on NCIS
6.  Nathan Fillion — Castle
7.  Michael Weatherly — Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS

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