What’s Next for Dancing with the Stars Winner J.R. Martinez

Courtesy: The Rachael Ray Show

J.R. Martinez stopped by The Rachael Ray Show to display his winning moves from Dancing with the Stars, dish about his big victory, and share his girlfriend’s feelings about it all.

“It really was amazing,” said Martinez about the whole Dancing experience. “We were really competitive. Everyone was supportive. Everyone got along really well, but at the same time you really want to win. I really wanted to win for Karina (Smirnoff), because she had never won, and she’s beautiful on the inside and out. “

Martinez went on explain that while taking home the mirror ball trophy was “cool,” there’s a down side to it, too.

“Now [when] I’m traveling, I’m at the airport, and I give the guy my boarding pass, he’s like, ‘Bust a move,’” Martinez recounted. “Here I am dancing for 3-1/2 months, and I’m like, ‘I don’t want to bust a move.’”

When it comes to how to handle his newfound fame, Martinez said his girlfriend offers him the best advice.

“As she says when I come home, ‘Keep it real. Yeah, you’re handsome, you’re sexy, and that’s why I love you, but at the same time, relax,’” he noted.

Martinez has a couple of ideas about what he’d like to do next. Number one is hosting.

“I’ve got this bug in my head that people have put in me about hosting,” he admitted. “So I wanna try it out and see where it goes.”

Be sure to catch Martinez’s full interview, when he guests on The Rachael Ray Show on Friday, December 23. To find out what network the syndicated show airs in your area and showtimes, check out RachaelRayShow.com.

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