What Chris Harrison Has to Say About Granny on The Bachelor

Courtesy: ABC/Craig Sjodin

When The Bachelor returns tonight, Ben Flajink will greet 25 ladies who are hoping to win his heart — and one grandmother — grannie Sheryl, who confesses she’s madly in love with him. But does she have an ulterior motive for being there?

The Hollywood Know spoke to Chris Harrison and here is what he had to say about Sheryl:  “The promo did its job which was to get everybody talking but everybody should know after watching our show for 10 years is that we take very seriously the fact that we want our Bachelor — Ben in this case — to find someone, so we wouldn’t take up a spot with a grandmother who would be kind of a cocktail joke.

“The show — it is very sweet — and it is a great story and it is deeper than the promo made it look, where she got out and is one of our girls. That is not the case. It is a funny moment but it is also sweet and kind of romantic. Ben and her get to spend a little more time with her later that night.”

So The Hollywood Know had to ask if Sheryl would turn out to be more of an adviser and to help Ben weed through the women?

“In a way she is an advisor,” Chris admits. “Again ou will see it play out. The ad was sensational but her purpose in being there was not.”

Tune in when the new season of The Bachelor premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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