Watch: The Biggest Loser New Trainer Anna Kournikova

Watch the video in which Anna Kournikova talks about the experience she’s bringing to an all-new season of The Biggest Loser, when the weight-loss series returns on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

“This season is going to be interesting because we have the Battle of the Ages,” she says.

So what is the Battle of the Ages? There will be three teams of five divided by age: the youngest players — all under 30, the middle players – ages 30-49, and the older players – ages 50 and over. The season 12 contestants range from ages 24 to 65.

In the premiere, host Alison Sweeney tells the teams that they will make their first game-changing decision – who their trainer will be – in the order in which they finish the first challenge. They can choose longtime Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, or one of the two new trainers — internationally recognized tennis star and certified trainer Anna Kournikova, or top fitness expert Dolvett Quince.

Once each team chooses their trainer, The Battle of the Ages begins! And past seasons of the show — with a previous winner who was 48 and an at-home winner who was 64 — have proven that The Biggest Loser is anyone’s game to win, regardless of age.

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