Twilight star Peter Facinelli Takes on the Mob

Courtesy: Summit Entertainment

It doesn’t take long for Hollywood to rip stories from the headlines. The latest to be brought to the screen is that of mobster Whitey Bulger.

After 16 years in hiding, Bulger was captured by the FBI last week in Santa Monica, CA. Now Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight saga and Dr. Fitch Cooper in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, and his producing partner Robert DeFranco will bring the story to the big screen, according to TheWrap.

Truth be told, the project was already in the works at the time of Bulger’s arrest.

“Tuesday we finalized all the points, and then Whitey was arrested,” DeFranco told TheWrap.

Facinelli added, ‘We’d like to get it going as quickly as possible. We have a script and everything ready.”

DeFranco, who grew up in Massachusetts, knew the story about the mobster and had read a lot of books on the subject, picking Edward MacKenzie‘s Street Soldier: My Life as an Enforcer For Whitey Bulger and the Boston Irish Mob to adapt.

The picture will be made by Facinelli Films, owned by Facinelli and DeFranco.

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