Top Ten Reasons Bachelor Pad Finale Rocked

Courtesy: ABC/Rick Rowell

Last night’s finale of Bachelor Pad trumped season one. Granted, Wes Hayden wasn’t on hand to sing It Don’t Take That Long as the credits rolled, but there was still lots of drama, romance, and a few tear-jerking moments. (Even if one of them was obviously staged, like Blake Julian and Holly Durst’s “surprise,” filmed engagement.) Here’s a list of the top ten reasons we loved the show:

1. Erica Rose, who looked absolutely stunning by the way, wielding a gavel and granting her verdict on issues in the house, like Vienna Girardi’s treatment of Jake Pavelka. “Hostile,” rendered Rose.

2. What would a Bachelor Pad finale be without a big old jerk? Thanks Justin Rego for showing up, smirking, and just being yourself –- smarmy!

3. Ames Brown’s cryptic explanation as to why he and Jackie Gordon broke up. After Jackie poured her heart out and admitted she spent much of the summer crying and confused when Ames abruptly dumped her, he attempted to explain why, noting they were “very different people.” Huh?!?

4. Melissa Schreiber’s insistence that she really wasn’t crazy, didn’t cry all the time, and, oh yeah, wasn’t acting out of jealousy when she campaigned to get Blake kicked out of the house.

5. After Jake confronted Vienna and Kasey Kahl about treating him like garbage in the house, Vienna lamely countered that there were good times between them that viewers didn’t get to see, citing a fun game of charades. Like that made up for her and Kasey telling everyone that Jake was pretty much Satan incarnate!

6. Teary-eyed Kasey hanging his head low and admitting he didn’t like what he saw in himself watching the show; then, apologizing to Jake and giving him a hug as a disgusted Vienna looked on.

7. William Holman boldly calling out Vienna and Kasey on their backstabbing game play and topping things off by telling them their relationship just “isn’t healthy.”

8. Watching the replay of Blake’s never-ending tooth brushing scene and Vienna asking him, “Do you really brush your teeth that long?” Of course he does. He’s a dentist. Remember?

9. After revealing that her father had just passed away, tough-as-nails Michelle Money announced that she didn’t want “any pity votes” before the Bachelor Pad contestants weighed in on who they thought deserved to win season two’s competition. Obviously, not a great strategy move, but definitely gutsy.

10. Michael Stagliano! He may have lost the gal (Holly), but he won the cash and proved he’s the most honorable guy in Bachelor Pad history by voting to split the dough with his newly engaged ex.

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