‘The Situation’ Isn’t the Only Dancing with the Stars Contestant with a Six-Pack!

Courtesy: Lopez Tonight/Carin Baer

On last night’s Lopez Tonight, Romeo displayed his Dancing with the Stars secret weapon: a to-die-for six-pack!

Romeo and his professional partner Chelsie Hightower made it through the first elimination on Tuesday night — KROQ-FM Radio DJ Mike Catherwood proved he didn’t have the right moves and was sent off the dance floor – with a score of 23 for their Quickstep in week two and 19 out of a possible 30 points for the Cha Cha Cha in week one.

Romeo has completely outclassed his father Master P, who replaced Romeo a few seasons back on Dancing with the Stars, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino with his scores.

So George wanted to know how they were doing as they move into round three of the dancing competition.

“I like to goof around a lot in rehearsals and she is the same way,” Romeo told George of his chemistry with Chelsie. “At the same time we both want to win. She knows what’s right for me. We’re getting along. It’s like a happy marriage on the ballroom dance floor.”

Lopez Tonight airs weeknights on TBS.

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