The Paintball Wars Escalate on the Community Season Finale

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As the Greendale year-end paintball extravaganza continues on Community, the game takes a dramatic turn with new intruders arriving on the scene. The study group battles it out on various fronts and despite their arguments over strategy – they are all in agreement that they must unite to defeat the enemy.

Now, here is what Alison Brie, who plays Annie, has to say about the For a Few Paintballs More finale.

The first paintball episode, Modern Warfare, is easily one of the Top 5 Community episodes. Do you know what the thought process was here for executive producer Dan Harmon and everybody to at this again? Were you nervous at all, because the expectations were high?

Alison Brie: First of all, I seldom, get nervous when things are in the hand of Dan Harmon and our amazing writing team. I sort of just trust them implicitly with whatever they come up with.

I think the main feeling with everyone was excitement because our paintball episode had been so epic and so well-received, and I guess people consider it a turning point for our, which sounds very epic. But, more than anything it was just like paintball, I think, it signifies us really just going balls to the wall, all out, kind of above and beyond, and that’s what we do again this time.

Hearing that it was going to be a two-parte already upped the ante for us, so we were like, “Oh, that’s so great. We’re going to have much more time to get in some better action, some interesting romance, and this and that.” And, I think, it’ll be really interesting for viewers to watch too, because the two parts are actually quite different.

In terms of the genre that they’re sort of spoofing, we’re just able to pack so much more in, and, I think knowing what we had done before, I was especially excited about it because Annie got taken out pretty early when we did the original paintball episode, and this time I really have a lot more to do. We really just worked ourselves to the bone to really deliver something special again and kind of try to up it. So, I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

What was it like working with Josh Holloway (Sawyer, Lost)?

Alison Brie: First of all, Josh Holloway is incredible to work with. He’s very easy on the eyes, he’s very nice, he’s just such a positive guy. And, you know, we always have such fun on set, but when you’re working these really long hours, it was great to have this breath of fresh air kind of come into the cast and just be so excited about every scene that we were doing.

Also, he was a really good sport about talking about Lost with all of us because we’re all big Lost fans, and it only took us about 20 minutes before we just jumped right into like, “So, what were you drinking when you were drinking those Dharma beer cans?” Yhat was a Danny Pudi question. And “What was it like being in the forest with…” We ‘re just Lost nerds, so that was really fun.

And he’s just a hot guy. People — everybody on set, guys and girls — were all on their best behavior. Everybody just kind of would blush when he came into the room. It was very exciting. You could feel the collective excitement about Josh Holloway when he was there, and I was lucky enough to get to do some great scenes with him.

Did you guys get to actually play paintball?

Alison Brie: We always get to kind of do some practice shooting. We have a sharpshooter who comes in and does the stunt shooting, All of our reactions are totally real because it’s a little terrifying. When you rehearse it with nothing being shot and you’re like, “Okay, you run to the right and you just keep running as fast as you can, and don’t stop because he’s just going to be shooting right behind you.”

So, we don’t do any of that shooting, which might be scary, but day when you’re shooting the scenes the art department is like, “Oh, wait, can we get a little more paint on the back of this wall over here,” and we would all take turns with the awesome sharpshooter machine paint gun shooting the walls. It was like our farewell to the school.

Since it was our final episode, we really just trashed the school, but we didn’t play with each other, which I would be so scared to do. I’ve been shot with them on set. You know, last year I got shot in the boob, and it hurt. It hurt. I had a bruise. Everyone was like, “This is not going to hurt, don’t worry about it.” I had a little welt on my chest for  … not for very long actually, only for like a day. I’m being a baby about it, but it did hurt a little bit. I think it would scare me to actually play the game.

The Community season finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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