The Biggest Loser’s Sam Poueu in Critical Condition

Courtesy: NBC

The Biggest Loser fan favorite Sam Poueu is listed in critical condition at a hospital in San Francisco after falling several stories on Sept. 3, TMZ reports.

The website goes on to say that Sam suffered a pelvic injury, torn ligaments, a punctured lung, and a broken leg during the accident.

His cousin Koli Palu, who was his teammate for the competition and went on to win the at-home prize, posted the following on Sept. 4:  Sam has made serious improvement in the last few hours. He has become very responsive to Stephanie Anderson and his mother, squeezing their hands and kicking his feet. The head trauma has pretty much stabilized. He still has a long way to go but thank you so much for your love and prayers.

Ashley Johnson, another Biggest Loser contestant from that season, writes:  Sam Poueu is making great improvements everyday. God is answering our prayers and Sam is fighting. Please keep the prayers coming. He is still in critical condition, but is fighting like hell and is impressing the Doctors like he impressed all of us on the Biggest Loser.

Sam’s can-do attitude made him an audience favorite, but when he dropped down on one knee and proposed to Stephanie on live TV with both their families present, he completely won the hearts of America.

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