The Biggest Loser’s Ramon Medeiros: “My Goals Are Limitless”

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Ramon Medeiros was always known for his upbeat, positive attitude while competing on The Biggest Loser, and his demeanor hasn’t changed a bit since getting eliminated in last week’s episode. During a conference call with reporters, Medeiros’s infectious smile radiated through the telephone lines as he discussed his goals moving forward, his plans “to tear up” the marathon, and his future with former contestant and love of his life, Jessica Limpert.

There was a lot of drama during your elimination; namely, Anton calling out John for giving Sunny the one-pound disadvantage and for voting for her to leave the show. What was your take on all that?
Ramon Medeiros:
At this point in the contest it’s a game, and you do everything when you’re at that ranch to win; no matter what and at any cost. That’s what John did. John is a gamer. If he [can] give himself a leg up, he’s going to do it. Anton saying what he said to John is just Anton’s feelings. Maybe that will give him a good push for those two to go head-to-head.

What inspired you to cut off your hair and shave after leaving the ranch? Did you look in the mirror and think, I can’t go see Jessica like this?
Ramon Medeiros:
That’s exactly it. I was getting kind of grizzly there, and it was time to make a change. I felt a lot better about myself, and I wanted to surprise the heck out of Jess and come see her with a new haircut, a new beard and a new look.

What’s been your motivation to keep losing weight, since you’ve returned home?
Ramon Medeiros:
It had a lot to do with Jess, and it also had a lot to do with… I’m still in the game. I’m coming back to win this marathon and get back into the top three. That’s what I want to do. There’s a lot I have to prove on that ranch. I’m a gamer. I came in to do a job, and I’m going to finish it.

Moving forward, what are your goals? What’s next for Ramon?
Ramon Medeiros:
My goals right now or what’s next for me is limitless. Jumping out of a plane let me know that I could anything, and I’m not scared of anything anymore. Now I wake up happy every day, and I look forward to whatever comes my way… I’m ready for the next challenge.

You were a tattoo artist when you came on the show. Are you going to continue doing that or is your career going to take a different turn?
Ramon Medeiros:
I’m never going to lose the tattooing. I’m always going to be a tattoo artist. Whether I have my own shop or not, I’m still going to be doing that. But my career is going to take a turn. I’m ready to be a personal trainer, and I think that a lot of people can use my help. I’m ready to share the knowledge, and I know that Jess, as well, is in that same mind set. We’re ready to help everybody who needs the help head-on.

Speaking of Jess, was there a moment at the ranch when it just clicked for the two of you?
Ramon Medeiros:
For me, at the ranch, I always thought Jess was beautiful. I just saw the beauty in her eyes and in her heart. I knew that once she got to a place where she could [see it], it would bring out that smile.

What’s it been like seeing your romance unfold as you watch The Biggest Loser now?
Ramon Medeiros:
Watching the show in its entirety is pretty crazy, because we are getting to see it first hand. There are things that we remember, and we’re like, “Oh yes. That totally takes us back.” Seeing Jess’s and my relationship unfold in front of America’s eyes is a pretty cool thing, because I definitely want to show the world how beautiful that girl is.

You and Jess seem truly in love. Are you planning to ask her to marry you anytime soon?
Ramon Medeiros:
It is in the cards for Jess and I to get married, but it will be in the future. There’s a lot that we have to do on our own, and there’s a lot that we have to do together. We’re a new couple, and we’re just getting into the real world now. I want to see how things go, take it a little slow. We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to be together for a long, long time.

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