The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum: We Really Do Have a Fairytale

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Team Cupcake, aka The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert and her fiancé, J.P. Rosenbaum, discussed their fairytale romance in a conference call the morning after the show’s season finale. The pair didn’t shy away from any topic, be it Ashley’s disparaging sister, Chrystie, or Ben Flajnik’s anger over being rejected. Plus, they opened up about their different personalities and thoughts about their wedding day.

Ashley, after your sister’s negative reaction to J.P. did you ever think, Maybe I shouldn’t choose him?
Ashley Hebert:
To be honest, I knew I would follow my gut, and I would not let anyone else influence me. The truth is I knew my sister was being tough [on J.P.] … and I knew that she would grow to love him once she saw us together. I had no doubt that she would see what I feel and things would be great, and, actually, they are. They are close now and they actually joke about it.  So, all is well.
J.P. Rosenbaum: The first time we got to speak after we got back from Fiji, Chrystie was so sweet, so supportive. It was a different person I was talking to. Now it is ancient history. We are close.

What was going through both your heads, when J.P. was giving his proposal speech?
Ashley Hebert: I was just waiting to hear what he had to say. As a woman or as a girl, you always dream of this moment. So I guess, I was just kind of living it – living in it. I just wanted to hear everything he had to say.
J.P. Rosenbaum: I was so comfortable. It felt right, and it just naturally flowed. When I was standing there with her next to me, it was as if nobody else was around. That is how it had always been with us from the start, so I wasn’t nervous. It just all felt natural, and I was happy with how it turned out.

Courtesy: ABC/Matt Klitscher

Of course, things didn’t turn out so well for Ben. Ashley, what were your thoughts when he got down on one knee, knowing you were not going to pick him?
Ashley Hebert: The last thing I wanted to do is hurt Ben, being the great guy that he is. I remember trying to talk to him and then feeling like I was not sure what to say. Then he got down on one knee and it was just … I had to pull him up. It really was a whirlwind. I think it is really hard to understand my fear there in that moment with all eyes and cameras on you

Were you surprised that Ben got angry after you eliminated him? And J.P.,  had Ashley chosen Ben over you, do you think you would have reacted the same way?
Ashley Hebert: I think my expectation was that he would be more sad. I got a sense that he was a little bit more angry than I had anticipated. In the moment, I didn’t understand that. Watching it back, I can certainly see where that anger came from, and it makes more sense to me now.
J.P. Rosenbaum: I never really thought of that hypothetical situation, because I felt so strongly that she was going to say yes for a while. I can understand Ben getting upset by it. I mean, right now if Ashley were to walk away from me, I would be devastated.  So if Ben felt even a fraction of what I feel, I can understand him being hurt and sad.

It sounds like you were pretty confident going into that final rose ceremony.
J.P. Rosenbaum: I was confident – and I don’t want to sound cocky at all, but I was confident after our Hong Kong date that I would be the last guy standing. I knew what Ashley and I had was special and that there was really no way she could have with anybody else what the two of us had together. I think I even said it in the finale that she may love both of us, but she can only be in love with one of us, and I felt that for weeks.

Ashley, a lot of fans of The Bachelorette want to know if you were upset that the producers didn’t tell you about all the negative things Bentley was saying behind your back.
Ashley Hebert: There definitely was a part of me that was upset for a short period of time, but then you realize that that is what this is all about. It’s about your own journey and your own experience. It led me to such a great man that I wouldn’t change anything, because there is a part of me that thinks the hard times really brought me and J.P. closer together. And now we have this very strong relationship.

What are the your thoughts about Ashley moving to New York with her little dog, Boo, and combining your two lives?
J.P. Rosenbaum:
I always knew that it was a package deal with Ashley.  So I’m welcoming Boo’s arrival.
Ashley Hebert: He is already practicing his dog voice.
J.P. Rosenbaum: That is not happening.
Ashley Hebert: I’m really excited just to be with him, because we have been separate for a while. I have no hesitation about moving in. I think we are ready for that. He cleaned out a closet for me. Isn’t that sweet? It was like a big closet.

Courtesy: ABC/Matt Klitscher

It’s obvious you’re both very happy together, but has it really been the fairytale you both imagined? Or have you faced some challenges and had a few little arguments since the final rose ceremony?
Ashley Hebert: We definitely disagree on certain things and we view things differently, but we talk through them and we get through them. I am not going to lie, we really do have a fairytale. But like the world saw, there are ups and downs. He had some tough times… I had some tough times early on… But it’s great now.  It’s a real relationship.
J.P. Rosenbaum: Once filming wrapped and we went back to our homes, even though we were hidden from everybody under secrecy, nothing faded. Everything just got stronger.

During the finale, it was mentioned that you two are opposites. Will you elaborate on your differences and how they bring out the best in each of you?
Ashley Hebert: I think when people think about relationships and who is right for them, they immediately think of the person that is similar to them. For me, I need somebody to balance me. I’m definitely high-energy. I’m silly and goofy, and I just need somebody to balance that out. J.P. is definitely more reserved. He is sincere. He’s quiet, but I bring the fun out of him.
J.P. Rosenbaum: Absolutely.  I think we complement each other just so well. And that’s what makes it work.
Ashley Hebert: Even though we are different, we have this relationship where we have an equal mixture of fun and seriousness and romance. We just have everything that you probably want in a relationship, and we each bring a little bit of that to it.

Have the two of you given any thought to when your wedding might be and if you’d consider having it televised?
J.P. Rosenbaum:
We haven’t given any serious thought to it just because we have so much going on with her finishing school, moving [to New York], finding a job, and moving into a new place. We’re not going to wait five years to get married, but we’re going to take one step at a time. Once things settle down, then we’re going to start talking about a wedding seriously. As far as having it done on TV, we talked about it, but no real thought has gone into it.

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