The Bachelorette Drama: Did Ryan P. and JP Go Too Far?

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Does Emily Maynard want to be the next Bachelorette? Was Ryan Park‘s exit pathetic? Did JP Rosenbaum get a little too jealous of Ashley Hebert’s dates with her other suitors? Those were the questions bandied about on the Bachelorette Beatdown, a weekly recap webcam stream on, where alumni from the dating shows discuss the latest episode of The Bachelorette.

Moderator Jesse Csincsak addressed “the Emily drama,” first, noting that she “said absolutely nothing” in her teary-eyed interview with Chris Harrison regarding her breakup with Brad Womack. Was it a ploy to get air time and bolster her chances to be the next Bachelorette?

Ashley Spivey, who actually vied with Maynard for Womack, jumped to her defense. “She told us multiple times in the house that she doesn’t want to be The Bachelorette,” insisted Spivey.

Marissa May
concurred, pointing out Maynard “doesn’t like being in front of the camera” and only did the interview to put an end to the madness that has become her life since doing The Bachelor. “She wants people to leave her and her daughter alone.”

Park’s teary-eyed exit after Hebert gave him the boot during their one-on-one date, garnered lots of criticism from the guys.

Wes Hayden
found it pathetic. “I tweeted, ‘Is it a requirement for every man to be neutered to go on The Bachelorette this season? I don’t think I’ve seen a testicle on one,’” cracked Hayden, who wasn’t buying Park’s act. “I think he was being overly sensitive so he can be the next Bachelor. It was all put on. He hadn’t even kissed this girl, and he was like, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with somebody. I want to find somebody who loves me.’ He wants to be the next Bachelor.”

Chris Lambton agreed that Park “definitely carried on a little too long. He started crying; then, he broke away and hid behind a bush. At that point he looked to see if the cameras were still on him. It was the longest exit ever. Just leave!” spat Lambton.

The women couldn’t evoke much sympathy for Park either. In fact, Natalie Getz called his behavior “cheesy.” Nevertheless, she believes “he’s going to be the next Bachelor. Mark my words.” she contended.

“I will disown the whole franchise if they do that,” retorted David Good, admitting he “couldn’t stand” Park.

From pathetic Park the conversation turned to jealous Rosenbaum, who fumed throughout last week’s episode of The Bachelorette, as Hebert went off on dates with other guys. Csincsak asked if he’d gone too far.

“I’ve got to stick up for him,” contended Good. “It’s hard when real feelings get involved, knowing your girl is making out and possibly having sex right down the hall [with another guy]. I don’t think it’s fair to say he overreacted. In real life you’re going to kill somebody over shit like that. You’re going to flip out.”

Craig Robinson stuck up for Rosenbaum too. “The fact that he’s having all those feelings make it seem to me like he wants [Ashley] the most,” noted Robinson. “I see all the other guys talking, but I don’t see that passion that I see with him.”

Trista Sutter weighed in with the female perspective, noting that Rosenbaum “was not over the top at all. I think he actually was reserved,” said Sutter, who believes Rosenbaum has developed strong feelings for Hebert. “He could have reacted even worse. I felt like he held back.”

Whether or not those strong feelings will be rewarded in the end remains to be seen, as next week, Rosenbaum and Hebert’s three other remaining suitors head off on their hometown dates.

The Bachelorette
airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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