The Bachelorette’s Lucas Dishes Bentley and His Choice for Ashley Hebert

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Lucas Daniels thought he had developed a nice connection with Ashley Hebert and was looking forward to taking her home to meet his family. Then, he got eliminated before hometown date week on The Bachelorette. What went wrong between them? And what are his thoughts on Ryan Park, Bentley Williams and the remaining bachelors? Daniels addressed all during a conference call.

Did your elimination come as a surprise to you?
Lucas Daniels:
I felt very confident going into [the rose ceremony]. I was already prepared to take her home. I was prepared to say, “Hey mom and dad, here’s Ashley.” So I was shocked, I wasn’t quite sure what she didn’t see in me versus, I guess, Ames [Brown].

Ashley wrote on her blog that during your conversation on the group date, she realized you had very different ideas about family and relationships. Would you elaborate on that?
Lucas Daniels:
She hit on quite a bit about my divorce. I guess that’s something that she was worried about, but like I told her on the show, it’s been three years. It’s not a problem. That might have scared her, saying, “Okay, he’s already been married once. What makes him think this will work a second time?”

What were the differences between the two of you?
Lucas Daniels:
Some of our beliefs, our family, stuff like that… I think we were just really opposite. I’m very, very traditional, I’m conservative, and she is just kind of the other side and that’s fine. I mean opposites attract, I guess. We just have some differences in kind of what we believed in. But, you know, I was surprised that she didn’t keep me around, honestly. I didn’t see it coming, but I was humbled by it. If that was her decision, then I respected that.

Ryan Park really seemed to annoy the other bachelors. What was it about him that irked them?
Lucas Daniels:
He wasn’t a bad guy. He wasn’t a mean guy. He was just … When you’re with somebody that long, somebody that is that energetic, it’s just too much. It was just really wearing us down. We were exhausted, because he was just through the roof the entire show.

Rumors are making the rounds that Ryan could be the next Bachelor.  What are your thoughts on that?
Lucas Daniels:
I guess Ryan would be a decent bachelor. Those women better be very, very energetic. I hope they have a lot of Red Bull.

Watching the show now, are you surprised about what you’ve seen and heard from Bentley?
Lucas Daniels:
I didn’t really see that in him… I guess it’s the way that I was raised that you just don’t treat somebody like that. It really, really shocked me, because he and I were pretty cordial toward each other. I was nice to him; he was nice to me. Seeing the interviews he has given — throwing us under the bus, the way he was talking about Ashley … I mean, you just don’t talk about a woman like that. It was very childish. I don’t really have any sympathy for people who treat other people like that.

If Bentley shows up to the Men Tell All episode, what would you say to him?
Lucas Daniels:
I’m not going to bark at him. He’s already kind of dug his own grave on his behavior, but I’m just going to let him know, “You’re not going to get far in life treating people like that, especially a woman.”

Who do you think is right for Ashley from the four guys left?
Lucas Daniels:
Probably the two most compatible of the remaining [bachelors] are [Ben Flajnik] and J.P. [Rosenbaum]. If I had to pick …Ben F. I think they have the most fun together. I mean, look at the guy. He’s a winemaker just living life the fullest.

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