Teen Mom Stars Talk to Dr. Oz

Courtesy: Sony Pictures Television/Barbara Nitke

Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 cast members MaciLeah and Kailyn open up about their struggles, the show’s success and the media attention surrounding them on The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday, May 3.

The special episode, which airs on the eve of the 10th Annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy,  features the teen moms tackling hard questions about their lives and futures, and they give updates on their babies’ fathers. Plus, Dr. Oz rises important questions about the impact of the hit series: Is it teaching prevention or glamorizing teenage pregnancy?

The teens and Dr. Oz are joined by the MTV show’s creator, Lauren Dolgen. The panel is rounded out by Melissa Henson, Director of Communications and Public Education, Parents Television Council, and Amy Kramer of the National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Council.

Also on hand are the teen moms’ children, as well as Maci’s mom, Sharon, and Leah’s mother, Dawn. Dr. Oz talks with both women about how parents can help their kids understand the consequences of sexual activity.

Parents will get tips on how to have conversations with their kids about sex and birth control. Dr. Oz even shares his own personal experience as a parent and reveals his emotional reaction to watching Teen Mom with his teenage daughter.

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