Team Busey’s Crazy Victory on Celebrity Apprentice

Courtesy: NBC/Douglas Gorenstein

The Gary Busey Show –- Ooops! I mean, last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice — was a lesson in how sheer crazy and genius can co-exist in one body and somehow get the job done.

The credit, of course, goes to his team, Backbone. Yes, they called Gary out in the boardroom for not listening and being an unfocused and terrible leader. Yet, they all pulled together and worked for him, staging a stellar RV experience in Manhattan. John Rich wrote and sang a catchy camping jingle. Richard Hatch delivered the outdoor ambiance: lots of greenery.  Mark McGrath, Meat Loaf and even Gary himself served as RV tour guides.

In the end, Camping World pronounced the men, Gary’s men, winners of the task, proving one of his many witticisms of the episode true. Namely, his declaration to Ivanka Trump that the letters in a word spell out individual words that deliver its meaning. Gary was on target with “team:” together everyone achieves more. And that the men did. Could it be that somehow the wacky Gary inspired them to succeed?

No matter. Thank God they did. Otherwise Donald Trump would have had no choice but to fire Busey, which would have been terrible. He’s the best reason to watch the show.

Over on the ladies team, Niki Taylor proved again that milquetoast, nice gals are going to finish last this season. (I mean, seriously, can anyone see docile La Toya Jackson and Hope Dworaczyk making it to the finale?) Niki even threw herself under the bus when A.S.A.P. lost their task, taking full blame for the debacle. Maybe she has a lot of integrity or maybe she just wanted out of there. And who can blame her? The thought of doing battle with steely viper Star Jones and arrogant Dionne Warwick would probably send half of team Backbone running.

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