Susan Lucci Being Tapped for Marc Cherry’s New Series?

All My Children has barely wrapped, and Desperate Housewives creator/head writer Marc Cherry is already wining and dining its biggest star, Susan Lucci.

“I just had lunch with Susan Lucci,” Cherry told ABC Soaps In Depth, when asked if the daytime icon might be joining the Wisteria Lane set for its final season. “I don’t know that she’ll be on Desperate, but hopefully maybe something in the future.”

Could that “something in the future” be Cherry’s new ABC drama pilot, Hallelujah, which he’s in the process of reworking?

Hallelujah would be a perfect fit for Lucci. The show is set in Hallelujah, Tennessee, a small town that’s being torn apart by the forces of good and evil. Things change, however, when a stranger arrives in town bringing peace and restoring faith.

Among the show’s original pilot cast: Jesse L. Martin as the mysterious newcomer in town, Donal Logue as a hard-working, moral diner owner and Terry O’Quinn as a corrupt millionaire.

Lucci could easily fit into the good or evil side of Hallelujah. After all, she spent 41 years running the gamut between both on All My Children.

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