SoapNet’s All My Children Classic Marathon

Courtesy: ABC/Donna Svennevik

Just in time for the series conclusion of All My Children, SOAPnet will celebrate the long-running daytime drama with a two-day marathon featuring classic episodes from the show’s 41-year history.I Love Lucci, highlighting some of Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) memorable moments, airs Saturday, September 17 from 7pm to 12am ET/PT.

Courtesy: ABC/Andrew Eccles

All My Children: Last Chance for Romance showcases seven of Pine Valley’s most beloved couples: Cliff & Nina, Jenny & Greg, Tad & Dixie, Ryan & Gillian, Leo & Greenlee, Zach & Kendall and Angie & Jesse. Relive their romances on Sunday, September 18 from 5pm to 12am ET/PT.

All My Children wraps up its broadcast run on ABC on Friday, September 23rd.

Saturday, September 17 I Love Lucci

7PM – All My Children Episode #1979-02567 (Original Air Date 11/27/79) – Tom furiously ends his marriage to Erica when he discovers she’s secretly been taking birth control pills. Also: Langley tries to convince Myrtle they’ve never met before.

8PM – All My Children Episode #1996-06725 (Original Air Date 1/19/96) – Erica gives a shocking speech when she accepts the “Media Woman of the Year” award while high on pills. Also: After Lamaze class with Edmund, Kelsey thinks she’s going into labor; Janet panics when she learns Amanda has pneumonia.

9PM – All My Children Episode #2000-07991 (Original Air Date 12/22/00) – Erica’s in denial when Bianca announces she’s gay. Also: Ryan and Gillian spend a special Christmas together; Mateo is upset when Hayley wants to turn herself into the police for killing her mother; Tad and Dixie celebrate the holiday together despite Leslie’s efforts.

10PM – All My Children Episode #2004-09008 (Original Air Date 12/27/04) – Erica implores Bianca to come out of her coma. It’s a Christmas miracle when Bianca then opens her eyes and Erica reunites her with baby Miranda. Also: J.R. is furious with Adam for the loss of Bess and tells him he’s no longer his father.

11PM – All My Children Episode #2005-09113 (Original Air Date 5/24/05) – Surrounded by their families, Erica and Jackson are married in Boca Raton.

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