Ryan Park: The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert is in Love with J.P.

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Ryan Park showed up in Fiji, last week, hoping for another chance with Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette. Instead, he got sent home a second time. The rejected bachelor weighs in on what went wrong, why he realizes he didn’t stand a chance with Ashley, and who he thinks will be the last man standing.

What was going through your mind, when Ashley eliminated you the first time?
Ryan Park:
I was rather surprised. I really didn’t see it coming… When she said she didn’t have the passion for me or didn’t feel the spark between us, it was strange to me, because I had felt it earlier. And I felt she did. After watching it now, I totally understand. I see the connection Ashley has with the remaining bachelors.

Are you glad you gave things another try by showing up in Fiji?
Ryan Park:
When I was let go, I just didn’t totally understand… What wasn’t shown on TV is some of the really good interaction that we did have together and some of the really good conversations we had. Now, it’s very obvious that that passionate connection wasn’t there for her. But I’m very happy I went back. I’m happy I got that closure I needed.

What were you most surprised to learn watching the show?
Ryan Park: I didn’t realize just how far along Ashley was with J.P. [Rosenbaum] and Ben [Flajnik]. Now, I see it all. You just don’t know [when the show’s filming]. I mean, when everyone watches this, they think that all of the bachelors know exactly what’s going on. And you just don’t.

Speaking of the other bachelors, many were irked by your super positive personality. What’s your reaction to that?
Ryan Park:
The truth is we dealt with a lot of rain [while filming]. I don’t know about previous [shows], but we were in some pretty tight areas. There’s times when you’re sitting around after being cooped up weeks on end that people get grumpy and unhappy about being in that situation. But I still maintained a positive demeanor from early in the morning until late in the evening. I can see how that kind of got on some people’s nerves.

Would you be interested in doing The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad?
Ryan Park:
As far as Bachelor Pad, no, and no offense to the program, I’m looking forward to watching it, but I do not envision myself ever participating in it. Regarding The Bachelor, we’ll see. Chris [Harrison] asked me point blank if I’d do it. As of right now, I’d just have to say it’s a maybe. I mean, it’s not something I need. It’s not like I’m aspiring to try to go that way. On the negative side, it’s no secret that your life becomes a circus… Your personal life becomes everybody’s business, and that’s not particularly exciting for me. On a positive note, I actually do believe in this. People say there haven’t been that many couples that have stayed together, but I’d point that out about normal dating life. I’ve dated a couple of women over my lifetime, and it hasn’t worked out. I do believe [the show] can work. I do believe that Ashley is really in love.

What’s your opinion of the two bachelors left standing?
Ryan Park:
They’re both great guys, but very different guys. You’ve got J.P., who’s a born and raised city boy his whole life. And then you’ve got Ben, who’s spent a lot of time growing up in the Napa-Sonoma area and is now spending time living in San Diego. He’s more your typical California boy. [They’re] both very solid guys that come from different backgrounds. I can see Ashley with both of them.

Who do you think Ashley ultimately ends up picking?
Ryan Park
: After being there and witnessing it and then watching [the show], her connection with J.P. is just extraordinary. I just see them resonating so perfectly.

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