Role Model Courtney Crozier Speaks Out at The Biggest Loser Finale

Former season 9 contestants turned lovebirds, Stephanie Anderson and Sam Poueu, interviewed mother/daughter team Marci Crozier and Courtney Crozier after The Biggest Loser season 11 finale.

Poueu questioned Courtney Crozier about how it felt emerging into such a fan favorite and role model, since she first appeared on the weight loss show.

“I’ve heard that a lot and I appreciate it so much,” admitted Crozier. “I think I can actually reach the people that are sitting on the couch — the 400 pound girls who are sitting out there and really feel like there’s no hope. I’ve proved that there is.”

Marci Crozier, who’s in the health club industry, noted that she knew people were “afraid” and “intimidated” to walk through those gym doors, but urged them to follow in her and her daughter’s footsteps and do it.

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