Queen Latifah Ready to Launch New Talk Show

Courtesy: CBS

All hail the Queen Latifah. The singer/actress is heading to the CBS daytime talk show circuit on September 16.

What can viewers expect from The Queen Latifah Show? Big guests, big surprises and a bona fide fearlessness to delve into anything.

“I’m pretty adventurous,” says Latifah. “I tend to want to push through my fears. Adventure, boldness… That’s what I was born to do. I’m going to push it as far as I possibly can … Yeah, I’ll be scared to do certain things, but I’ll feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Queen Latifah notes that she’s learned a lot from the previous queen of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey, and she hopes her show will emulate her predecessor’s in certain areas.

“One of the cool things that Oprah did was take people on a journey with her,” notes Latifah. “I’m hoping that we can, as we get to know our audience, take them on a journey with us. And I’ll get to go on a journey with them and we’ll kind of grow together…

“I really think there’s a space in daytime television for, number one, a whole bunch of fun and some amazing music, but really some heart,” continues Latifah. “[Oprah] was able to tap into that when the Oprah show was on. I would love to tap into the heart of us, because I feel like it’s kind of missing. You don’t need me to do negative stuff, tear people down, and rip people apart. That is not who I am. I am here to encourage people and to help build people up. I’m hoping I can bring some of that to daytime television and make it fun at the same time.”

Latifah, of course, has learned a lot about talk shows simply from having been a guest on so many over the years.

“When I was on someone’s talk show, what they wanted was to have fun and have good TV and really be able to entertain the viewers,” points out Latifah. “I’m hoping that some of the celebrities that come through here, because I have been on the other side of the couch, will be able to relax and know that they won’t be blindsided by some of the crazy stuff they may get hit with on another show. They can be themselves and just have fun. If you want to come here and set the record straight about something that happened in your life as a celebrity, here’s a comfortable and safe place to do it. If you don’t want to talk about that, I’m not going to make you talk about it. Because, guess what? I wouldn’t want to talk about it either.”

Above all, Latifah plans to remain true to herself.

“I can’t become just a talk show host and act like I’m not Queen Latifah; the entertainer, the singer, the actress, the person who’s been on that couch…” she points out. “So I’m going to have to really find a way to make it interesting and make it exciting, but really allow people to be themselves… I’m hoping they can just relax and have a good time and that the viewer [will] enjoy that.”

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