Lucy Hale’s Secrets from Pretty Little Liars Second Season

Courtesy: ABC Family/Andrew Eccles

Those Pretty Little Liars are back tonight and all eyes in Rosewood are looking at Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisaro) because the series picks up right where it ended with Ian’s (Ryan Merriman) body missing. Now, inquiring minds want to know exactly what happened in the church the night before.

While the police question the girls, their parents rally together to try and help their daughters out with the assistance of a therapist (guest star Annabeth Gish).  Does it help? Or does it make the girls feel even more isolated? And can they talk to the therapist about A?

The second season premiere of Pretty Little Liars happens tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family, but first Hale reveals a few secrets from the second season.

What you love about Aria?

Lucy Hale: I love that she is really smart and she knows what she wants, because a lot of 16 or 17 year old girls, they are sort of in that transition area, but they’re not very confident.  And I feel like Aria is very confident and knows what she has to offer.  And meanwhile, she’s dating a teacher, an older man.  But I feel like she is wise beyond her years and I like that.

Speaking of which: What is going on with Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria this season? The old girlfriend came back…?

Lucy Hale: She is back — the ex-fiancé.  Where we left off, he just resigned from school.

So, she thinks they can be together?

Lucy Hale: Right.  And they are. They are going to try and have an adult, public relationship.  He teaches at Hollis College, so Aria starts to take classes at Hollis College. But Jackie (Paloma Guzmán), the ex-fiancé, is always around and always being brought up, so it definitely causes a lot of stress in their relationship.  But Aria sort of has someone else on her mind, too.  There is somewhat of a love triangle.

A new boy?

Lucy Hale: Yes.

Who’s playing that role?

Lucy Hale: I can’t say who it is.

Does he come in in the first episode?

Lucy Hale: No.  You’ll see. They won’t let me say who it is, but it’s very exciting. It’s a huge part of her storyline this season.

So there may be a little bit of conflict there?

Lucy Hale: A little bit — a little friction.

Do you think a little bit of Ezra’s attraction for Aria is the fact that he is kind of the forbidden fruit?

Lucy Hale: Yes. I feel like these people, they couldn’t help who they fell in love with.  They know it’s wrong, they know it could get them in a lot of trouble and they tried to stop it.  They’ve tried to cool things off, but they just like each other a lot.

And the parents almost found out…

Lucy Hale: Oh, yeah. They are having a public relationship, but still keeping it away from her parents, which is difficult because Aria’s dad works at the college.

Were you ever in a clique in high school likes the one on Pretty Little Liars?

Lucy Hale: I was homeschooled for high school, but in middle school, yeah, I was sort of in the “I wear Abercrombie clothes every day” clique. I don’t really know what the name of it would be, but it was cool because there were different types of cliques but everyone got along.  It’s just who we clung to that was familiar, which I feel is so interesting about these girls [on the show]. They are all so different, but they’ve sort of been forced to bond together over the death of their friend.

Do you think you missed out on anything by being homeschooled?

Lucy Hale: I don’t.  I’m just a really bad role model, but I just didn’t like school at all.  It’s probably because I’m stubborn.  I don’t like being told what to do.  I love learning about things that interest me, but I hated … I could never have a job where I just sat behind a desk, because I just always have to be doing something.

Is it the structure that you don’t like?

Lucy Hale: Exactly.  The only thing I wanted to do in high school was go to prom and I went three times! I mean, it is a little weird thinking I won’t have a high school reunion, but it’s sort of like I’ve worked on all of these different shows and every time I see the people, it’s sort of like a similar experience.

Music-wise, is there anything going on with you?

Lucy Hale: I did an ABC Family movie, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song.

When does it come on?

Lucy Hale: It comes out on DVD in September and on ABC Family in January of next year.  I got to record music and she is a girl that is really passionate about singing and performing and you get to see her break out of her shell, because she starts out as this really shy, plain girl and as she meets her Prince Charming…

Who plays the Prince Charming?

Lucy Hale: His name is Freddy Stroma.  He is a British actor.  He did Harry Potter [Cormac McLaggen]. He is very lovely.

Is there a soundtrack?

Lucy Hale: There will be.  And they’re really fun songs!  It’s not personally what I do in real life, but they are very girl empowering, like Katy Perry-ish, sort of. I had to come out of my shell as Lucy doing the movie because I had to perform on a stage in front of all these people and I had never been more nervous to do anything because some of it was choreographed

How was the experience working on Scream 4?

Lucy Hale: It was so fun! I actually filmed for literally two nights. I didn’t know what to expect with Wes Craven, but he is the nicest man in the world.  He is so nice, and to be a part of that whole experience was really insane.

You died very well!

Lucy Hale: Thanks! We actually got that in one take, too, the whole slashing of the neck.  We rehearsed it probably 12 times, but when we were rolling and the actual split happened, we got it in one take! I was so happy. It was all luck. It wasn’t anything I had to do with!

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