Lil John Pulls Off Big Upset on The Celebrity Apprentice

Courtesy: NBC/Douglas Gorenstein

Team A.S.A.P. seemed to deliver exactly what the ACN execs wanted –- a commercial centering on family that was filled with emotion and tugged on the heartstrings. And, in a brilliant use of talent, Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin starred in the spot as a deaf mother signing, “I love you,” to her daughter, who was off in France. But team Backbone thought outside the box, took a risk, and snared their third consecutive victory on Sunday night’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Lil John masterminded his team’s 30-second ad for the new ACN video phone and intrigued executives on hand for it’s premiere, announcing the spot could easily go viral and be the company’s ad during the Superbowl. Interests piqued, team Backbone “rolled tape.” Like A.S.A.P., family was the center of their commercial, too. Tommy sent his parents the video phone; then chatted with them on it and eagerly introduced his new fiancé: Pablo! The commercial was clever, daring and delivered a fierce punch line. Kudos to strapping hunk Jose Canseco, who proved he was a team player yet again. Two weeks ago he dressed in drag to play a schoolteacher; this week, he portrayed the gay Pablo.

In the boardroom Lil John wouldn’t bite when Donald Trump asked if he was worried his team’s risque ad might have cost them a victory. Nope. “The people that succeed are the people that take chances,” asserted Lil John, his teammates rallying around their fearless leader. Meanwhile, A.S.A.P. project manager NeNe Leakes started sobbing. She must have seen the writing on the wall. In the end Backbone was declared the winner, again.

Thankfully, the cantankerous Dionne Warwick decided to jump on the bandwagon – both Leakes and Hope Dworaczyk told Trump that she should be fired – and offered herself up to leave the ladies team. The Donald agreed after learning Warwick forsook her team in the editing room to head back to Trump Towers to sleep. Well, at least the diva has time to catch up on her zzzzzz’s, now.

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