La Toya Jackson Gets the Gold on Celebrity Apprentice

Courtesy: NBC/Douglas Gorenstein

Celebrity Apprentice got a lot more confounding, last night. Asked to create interactive exhibits promoting Australian Gold sunscreen and tanning lotion, a team (A.S.A.P.) without a concept –- just a generic beach scene and pounds of sand –- won over a team (Backbone) with one –- pirates, a treasure chest and gold. Granted, the latter was out there and didn’t make much sense in the Australian Gold scheme of things. What do pirates really have to do with sunscreen? But, hey, at least they had a concept.

Sadly, for project manager Mark McGrath, the Aussie folks didn’t see the connection either. Nor did they like the fact that Gary Busey pitched himself as a potential rep for the brand. But what really irked the executives was the fact that their mascot, Sydney the koala, was nowhere in sight.

In the end, La Toya Jackson’s dual non-theme — sand and the last minute addition of snow, because you need sunscreen in all seasons, right? –- wooed the Australian Gold gang. Plus, they absolutely loved the women’s “live the gold life” motto and their larger-than-life koala, played by NeNe Leakes, strolling outside their exhibit. Game over. The girls won.

A.S.A.P.’s big, cuddly bear overtook the Backbone pirates. But things weren’t so cuddly in the boardroom and beyond. First, Leakes lashed out at Jackson for being a terrible leader. Then, she called her “Casper the friendly ghost.” Is it just me or does this chick make Omarosa look like a puppy dog?

The men, though losers, were a lot nicer to one other. Well, except for trying to get Gary Busey canned, again. Meat Loaf, Lil Jon, and John Rich all told Donald Trump that Busey was a liability and impossible to work with. But The Donald fired McGrath, who took full responsibility for the zany pirate theme, instead, sparing Mr. Impossible for yet another week.

So, at least for another week, the Busey beat  goes on.

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