Kirstie Alley’s Dancing with the Stars Diet

Courtesy: ABC/Adam Taylor

Kirstie Alley is shrinking before viewers’ eyes on Dancing with the Stars thanks to strenuous rehearsals and cutting back on calories. The actress is eating 90 per cent organic and following a diet plan called Rescue Me that’s available at

“Energy and curbs appetite organically,” Alley recently tweeted. “I couldn’t live without it.”

Alley’s been raving about the plan, a combination of organic product and vegan/gluten-free supplements that help you lose weight quickly and easily, and its support team.

“Organic Liaison has the best customer support of any program!” she tweeted. “Our nutritionist consultant Debra is awesome.”

Alley’s new diet, however, has raised a few concerns. When she took a few of tumbles during her dance rehearsal with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, he immediately asked her about her calorie intake. To his shock, Alley admitted she was only eating 1,400 a day. Chmerkovskiy told Alley he didn’t think that was enough, and she seems to have gotten the message.

“I think a lot of the falling was my blood sugar,” Alley told special correspondent Tony Dovolani, admitting she thought 1400 calories a day “was what I was supposed to have!”

No matter, Alley was thrilled with judge Bruno Tonioli‘s comments about her new figure, after her performance. Namely, that her “body was shrinking,” but her “talent was huge.”

“I’d rather have my dancing big, than my ass,” chuckled Alley. “So I’m forever indebted, Bruno. Thank you.”

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