Jennifer Fritsch: Courtney is Making Bachelor Ben Look Like a ‘Fool’

Courtesy: ABC/Francisco Roman

On this season of “The Bachelor,” Ben Flajnik, who seemed like one of the more logical bachelors, seems to have lost his heart already to Courtney, a 28-year-old model from Scottsdale, AZ.

But Ben seems to be the only one enthralled with Courtney, whose constant claim of “winning” is making her seem like the Charlie Sheen of bachelorettes.

Now, Jennifer Fritsch, who was eliminated last week, talks about not liking the woman and how she thinks Ben is being played for a fool.

What is your opinion of Courtney and why you think she’s been able to win Ben over so easily?

I’m not sure if it’s her personality … she’s a little pushy. And I didn’t think that he would buy into that so easily but it looks as though he is. And my opinion of her on when I was there, I didn’t associate with her. She wasn’t a person that I said “hi” to or “bye” to or anything like that. I knew she wasn’t nice. And so that was as far as I would take it. Now watching, I definitely feel a little stronger that I don’t like her much.

Do you think that she’s there for the right reasons? Do you think that she is really trying to “win”? Or do you think that she likes him too?

I think she is definitely all about winning. Maybe she likes Ben a little bit. I heard someone use the term, the “Ben pill,” and she definitely took it. As far as whether that’s real feelings, I don’t know. She’s in a different career to where, yes, she could come out ahead. You know, she gets a lot of exposure and for her to use ‘winning’ all the time, it just makes sense that she’s there more to be seen.

From the previews of the rest of the season, it appears that the remaining girls at some point are going to stage an intervention with Ben and tell him how they really feel about Courtney. If you stuck around, is that something you would have considered doing, or do you kind of feel like he’s on his own to make the choice good or bad?

No, it’s not something I would have done. I obviously saw her for who she wason the other side of things, but I would have never said anything to him. He’s going to make his choices. And if he can’t see through her, then I don’t think he deserves to have anyone tell him any different.

If Ben does end up taking her in the end, do you see them forming a lasting and meaningful relationship?

Lasting and meaningful, no, I don’t think so. It might last a few months but I think for the long haul, I don’t think it would work.

Do you think that Ben is probably getting as mad and upset about what he’s seeing on the TV since he’s never seen this side of things that Courtney is doing as the other girls are getting?

I don’t know if it’s a matter of upset, but definitely embarrassed because he does kind of look like a fool.

The Bachelor continues his search for love tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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