Halloween Treat: American Horror Story Marathon on FX!

Courtesy: FX/Ray Mickshaw

If you’re late coming to American Horror Story, tonight you can catch up. In honor of Halloween, FX airs a marathon of the first four episodes beginning at 10 p.m., so tune in and then come back on Nov. 2 when the haunting continues!

The series, which just got picked up for a second 13-episode season, has seen its audiences grow since it premiered. Connie Britton, who plays Vivien Harmon, whose husband Ben (Dylan McDermott) cheated on her which resulted in the family moving to the haunted house, says, “What is so brilliant about what Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] do is they have a very distinct vision that is so outside-the-box of anything we’ve seen before, and they have such a great talent for bringing that to fruition.”

While Dylan adds, “When I met with Ryan and Brad and Connie, originally we had talked about that this really being a show about a fractured family and what infidelity can do to people. I think it’s a metaphor for all the horror, being in a relationship and being in a family and being in a marriage. All that stuff, the horror of it is really the metaphor of this marriage and the house.”

So tune in tonight and watch with disbelief as the level of horror this family faces escalates each week.  Then check back here next week for a complete interview with the stars of the very creepy American Horror Story.

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