Former Contestants Weigh in on The Bachelorette’s Ashley and Bentley

Courtesy: ABC/Rick Rowell

Who better to weigh in on Ashley Hebert’s tumultuous journey to find love on The Bachelorette than former contestants who have already been there, done that? The Bachelorette Beatdown, a weekly recap webcam stream on, will offer fans candid and occasionally crude commentary on Ashley, her men and their shenanigans from some of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette’s most memorable players from the past.

Jesse Csincsak, the guy who found love and lost it with DeAnna Pappas on Season 4 of The Bachelorette, hosts the weekly web series that will stream following each week’s episode of the show. On the series premiere, Csincsak was joined by Bachelor contestants Natalie Getz (Season 13) and Michelle Money (Season 15), Bachelorette contestants David Good (Season 5), Jesse Kovacs (Season 5) and Wes Hayden (Season 5), former Survivor Eliza Orlins and celebrity relationship expert Stacy Kaiser.

The gang began weighing in on Ashley. While Money dubbed her “smart” and “ funny,” Kovacs found her “really immature and not ready for this at all.” Good noted that he was tired of seeing “America’s little sweetheart” on The Bachelorette. “I want to see a girl on there who’s sexy,” he said.

When it came to Ashley’s masked suitor, Jeff, Money tabbed him as “an oddball” and “a little ridiculous,” and everyone agreed. Good thought it was time the guy showed his face.

The group, however, saved their best comments for Bentley, this season’s resident bad boy. “Bentley’s playing the game. He’s the only reason why it’s going to be entertaining,” said Kovacs. And Good concurred, “He’s fun to watch.”

But Money wasn’t buying it. “There is nothing right or okay about blatantly disrespecting a woman,” she insisted.

And Hayden agreed with her. “I was kind of a villain on my season, too. I was like the most hated man on google of all time,” contended Hayden. “But this guy’s blatantly saying, ‘I’d rather swim in pee than [planning a wedding with this girl].’ He’s really, really taking it to the max, and I think he knows what he’s doing. He’s taking it too far.”

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