Ex Contestants Dish the Dirt on Bachelor Pad’s Twisted Twosomes

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Is Holly Durst leading Michael Stagliano on? Is Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi’s relationship toxic? And what’s up with Blake Julian and Melissa Schreiber? Former contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette weighed in on all of the above and more on The Bachelor Pad Beatdown, a recap webcam stream on rtvzone.com, discussing the shenanigans on Bachelor Pad.

Host Jesse Csincsak opened the conversation up with former fiances, Holly and Michael. Specifically, why was Holly saying she and her ex shouldn’t be together one minute; then, accepting his rose and cuddling up to him the next?

“I feel Holly isn’t any better than what Blake is doing to Melissa,” said Marissa May, referring to the other Bachelor Pad player toying with someone’s affections. “I know [Michael] is going to end up hurt in the long run.

Craig Robinson offered a different take. “I don’t hold it against her if she’s playing him to win the $250,000,” he asserted. “The point of the show is to win the money.”

David Good believed Holly was “making a wise decision. If she does care about the guy, does she really want to break his heart on national television?” proposed Good. “The right thing to do is probably pull him aside and level with him. But how awkward is that? Put yourself in her position.”

The Beatdown gang was both amused and appalled by calculating Blake and clingy Melissa.

“I think it’s freakin’ hilarious what Blake is doing. What great freakin’ TV,” said Ty Brown, who couldn’t believe how possessive Melissa had gotten “after one date.”

Jesse Kovacs, who endured a similar situation with Elizabeth Kitt on last season’s Bachelor Pad, could relate. Like Blake, he had to overcome “this enormous hurdle of every single girl in the house thinking I was treating a psychopath poorly,” recalled Kovacs, noting he thinks Blake “is doing a great job. I love the drama. I can’t wait to see what Melissa does next.

Lex McAllister and Lauren Wanger didn’t find Melissa’s antics amusing, insisting that she was giving women “a bad reputation.”

May suggested that Melissa’s insecurities “were being exploited on TV,” while Natalie Getz had nothing but sympathy for the girl.

“She went on the show to redeem herself,” shared Getz. “[But she’s only] made it worse.”

As for the awkward moment where Kasey presented Vienna with a small, ring-shaped box and she barked that she didn’t want it to be an engagement ring, Good, for one, was stunned.

“I felt bad for the guy,” admitted Good. “If it had been anyone else besides those two, like Jackie (Gordon) and Ames (Brown), it would have been really romantic. But we’ve seen [Vienna and Kasey’s] relationship and it’s terrifying to watch. They’re a really bad couple… toxic. Her reaction should have told him so much. It was the worst mood killer I’ve ever seen.”

Getz, who’s pals with the pair, defended Vienna, noting that “she’s told Kasey several times, ‘If you ever propose to me, please, I don’t want it on camera. I don’t want it in public. I just want it to be you and I,’” she recounted. “So when he pulled that box out, she got a little freaked out.”

The ring and the reaction, however, didn’t bother McAllister as much as Kasey’s embarrassing singing performance after he gave Vienna the trinket.

“He’s a little bit different,” noted Lex. “He’s the male Melissa in a way. He’s kind of cuckoo in this relationship that doesn’t make sense. I think Kasey is like Melissa. The two of them should get together.”

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