Ex Contestants Discuss Bentley’s Exit, Ashley’s Heartbreak on The Bachelorette

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Bentley’s exit, Jeff’s unmasking, and William’s ugly roast remarks were the main topics debated by former The Bachelor/The Bachelorette contestants on week two of The Bachelorette Beatdown, a recap webcam stream on rtvzone.com.

The show’s moderator, Jesse Csincsak, kicked things off by asking for everyone’s thoughts on Bentley’s controversial departure. Namely, telling Ashley Hebert and the other bachelors he was heading home because he missed his daughter; then, admitting to the camera he wasn’t into Ashley and making snide remarks about her.

Csincsak pointed out that if a guy had treated your sister or  mother like that, “you’d be getting on a plane to hand down a good, old fashion ass whipping to that dude!”

Trista Sutter, the original Bachelorette, was equally outraged. “When you look at what he’s saying and the way in which he’s using his daughter to get out of having any feelings for [Ashley], I think it is totally cowardly and completely unmanly,” asserted Sutter. “A man is somebody who is respectful of women.”

“What he said and how they portrayed it, yes, he’s a complete ass… He says one thing to the camera and another thing to her,” chimed in Jesse Kovacs. “But how awesome is the show? The show is terrible after he leaves.”

Wes Hayden, who was depicted as the villain on Jillian Harris’s season of The Bachelorette, suggested Bentley’s remarks were edited. “I don’t believe for one minute those words came out of that guy’s mouth in that order,” contended Hayden before questioning Ashley’s emotional meltdown over Bentley’s exit. “Let’s get real. This girl is crying over somebody she’s known about a week. She’s in love with this cat?”

Ashley Spivey, a friend of Ashley’s since they vied for Brad Womack on The Bachelor last season, tried to explain her pal saying she was “in love with” Bentley. “I talked to Ashley last night, and she said it was a poor word choice,” said Spivey. “She [should have said] she could see herself falling in love with him. At that point he was a frontrunner for her. For him to just leave like that… it made her kind of think twice about the process. She didn’t know if she wanted to be there any more and I could see why.”

Csincsak veered the conversation from Bentley to Jeff, the masked man. “Was it a character malfunction? Should he have used the mask at all?” asked Csincsak.

“I’m not a fan,” professed Sutter. “I’m kind of embarrassed that he’s from St. Louis.

But both Spivey and Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz loved the tactic and called Jeff “hilarious.” Getz even went one step further. “I think the masked guy is a genius,” she chuckled. “I swear to you he’s making fun of The Bachelorette, making fun of reality TV, and he’s doing it for his friends back home.”

The last topic debated was Ashley’s roast and William’s nasty comments about her, which garnered mixed reviews.

“I felt bad for her after that. I really did…” admitted David Good, Bachelor Pad winner and author of Man Code. “As a guy, yes, it’s a roast, but you’ve really got to think about what you’re saying. He took it way too far.”

Spivey saw it as a dumb move on William’s part, noting that the show “is all about getting a rose” and that his comments were “not strategic.”

But Getz totally defended the sharp-tongued bachelor. “William didn’t know that Ashley was weird about that and that insecure,” insisted Getz. “Otherwise he wouldn’t have said [what he did]. And he’s right; a roast is a roast. It’s not his fault,” she pointed out about Ashley’s feelings being hurt. “It’s the show’s fault.”

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