Eva Longoria on her Divorce from Tony Parker

Courtesy: Warner Bros./Michael Rozman

Eva Longoria‘s divorce from Tony Parker was very public. Now the Desperate Housewives star, who will be hosting the ALMA Awards on Friday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. on NBC, talks about her new-found happiness and what she learned from her divorce on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.
Ellen: You seem very happy and I’m happy to see that you’re happy. I know you went through a tough time. You got divorced.

Eva: Yeah.

Ellen: I think everyone was just pulling for you and hoping that you’d just be happy because we love you so much.

Eva: Thank you.

Ellen: I guess what we all hope to learn through experiences in life is a lesson from something.  What did you walk away with from this experience?

Eva: Oh gosh, a lot. You know for me, being a woman, I realized you cannot identify yourself through a man or through your marriage.

Ellen: Amen (high-fives Eva).

Eva: Or through a partner.  I think it’s our nature to be socially constructed that way. To just be inferior or subservient and you don’t have to be. You can be yourself and really hold your own by yourself no matter what partnership you’re in.

Ellen: Because when things or if I shouldn’t say when. But if things don’t work out…

Eva: Hollywood, it’s when.

Ellen: Then you feel lost.

Eva: Yeah.

Ellen: I would imagine [that would be the case] if you do put your whole identity into that relationship.

Eva: Yeah, same thing with work… Because something happens with your job. You’re like, “Who am I?”

Ellen: You do feel to me that you’re in a really, really happy place.

Eva: I am. I’m in a happy place.  Everyone says I look younger.  Which I’m like, “OK.”  Everyone keeps saying, “You’ve never looked better.”   I’m going, “Wow! I think divorce agrees with me.”

Ellen: Maybe so and maybe you’re in love.  Maybe that’s that glow…?

Eva: I don’t know.  Who knows? I’m happy.

Ellen: ..You and Tony are friendly.  Do you still talk?

Eva: No

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