Eva Longoria Goes to the Dogs

Courtesy: ABC/Matthew Rolston

With Desperate Housewives coming to a close after its upcoming season, Eva Longoria is moving onward and upward with her career. Variety reports that Longoria will be tackling four new and diverse projects, after the show wraps its final season.

Among the lot, Longoria will be doing an indie film titled, Who Gets The Dog. The movie focuses on a couple breaking up and fighting over custody over their beloved pooch.

The actress has also signed on for another indie drama, Long Time Gone, with Meg Ryan. Longoria will play the woman Ryan’s husband has an affair with and leaves her for.

Longoria will also co-star with Brendan Fraser in Four Kings, a historical drama set during the French and Indian War. While Fraser portrays Colonel Lord Francis Nicholson, a rich Brit who fiances the war in hopes of creating a utopian society, Longoria plays his wife, Lady Gwenievieve.

As for Longoria’s final project, she’ll star in and produce Hulu’s animated series Child Support. Longoria will voice the lead character, Marley Wiener, who’s being described as the female version of Family Guy’s Peter Griffin.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, Longoria will next appear on the big screen in Cristiada, a film about the Mexican Cristero War, and The Baytown Disco, playing a woman who convinces three men to rescue her from her “abusive” husband.

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