Eva LaRue Speaks Out for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation

CSI: Miami’s Eva La Rue has seen cancer take its toll on many a loved one. Both her grandmother and great grandmother battled ovarian cancer. So when she was asked to become the national spokesperson for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance, counseling and other resources to victims of the disease and their families she jumped on board.

“Cancer is a frightening disease. I have never met anyone who has not been affected by it in some way,” contends La Rue, who previously worked with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, raising awareness and educating women about the disease.

Now La Rue hopes to continue helping cancer victims and their families via Beckstrand, having witnessed first hand the immense  toll the disease can take via a dear friend whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Sure, they had medical insurance to take care of her cancer treatments, but with her not being able to work and with just his income… I saw how financially devastating cancer can be for a family,” contends La Rue, noting the couple have three daughters. “Here was this hard working family that lived within their means, but with only one income, they were not just fighting for their mother’s life, they were fighting to keep their heads above water financially.”

Unfortunately, La Rue’s friends were unaware of Beckstrand during their hour of need. If they had, the organization could have stepped in to help.

“The work Beckstrand does is beyond amazing,” praises La Rue. “They focus on the everyday financial needs of cancer patients. It is important for cancer patients to not have to worry about money so they can focus on treatment and recovery. There are other programs that they offer too, like art therapy for children going through cancer treatment and scholarships for cancer patients and survivors wanting to go to college.”

La Rue’s PSA television campaign for Beckstrand is slated to begin airing nationally in June. In the interim, she urges
everyone to get involved.

“Beckstrand is so effective in their programs,” says La Rue. “I am so proud to be a part of this organization. With that being said, since I have been doing a lot of press for Beckstrand, the client load has greatly increased. So we need more donations than ever. To find out how to donate, please go to  www.beckstrand.org.”

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One Response to Eva LaRue Speaks Out for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation

  1. Agnes Duffy-Wetzel says:

    About 1959-1960 I was a patient of Dr. Beckstrands group whose 3 major paatners were Dr. Moore, Dr. Ellery and Dr. Jones who only did radiology….their office was open to anyone who walked in, no appt. necessary, and you sere seen that very day if you arrived before the doors closed @ 5pm….if there were 5 or 10 people in that office waiting they all would be seen by one of the partners that very day…..Dr. Moore checked me and the lab. reports of a previous operation that I had had done shortly before and that I was concerned re. an area where I felt unusual growth….he quickly made arrangements to get an extra early surgery area and warned me I might have to have my hand amputated…..while I recovered from the surgery (no amputation) I was sleepless and walked into the hall and joined the wife of the pt. across from me who turned out to be Dr. Beckstrand’s uncle, he had had 2 cancers and his wife was very concerned that he was dying….she said she had called the elders of their church to come and lay hands on her husband….I heard them arrive later….months later I saw and talked to both of them in the Beckstrand office…..I had also talked to Dr. B. there previously and asked how his uncle was doing….he was very pleased with uncle’s recovery……at a checkup a few years later I talked to Dr. B. again while I was waiting for Dr. Moore…….he said his elderly uncle had died and an autopsy was done and his body was free of all signs of cancer…..Dr. Moore also removed some lumps from 2 of my seven children and kept checking me throughout my pregnancy with my eighth….the fibroid sarcoma he had removed from my hand was reason enough to keep my checkups timely……unfortunately after I was widowed and moved to Oregon and became and RN, I heard that Dr. Moore had an eye removed at Mayo due to cancer, worked for awhile back at the B. group but left for a less busy practice….it was while I was working at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto that I heard that Dr. Moore and his family were on his large ocean-going boat on their way to the Mediterranian when his wife suffered a stroke and they returned home….I have no idea when this had happened but hearing of it while I was living on my sailboat in the SF bay while working at the VA, I wrote a letter to Dr. Moore and thanked him again for saving my life so I could raise my children and wrote that if there was any way I could help with his wife’s illness or be of any use I would gladly be happy to do so ……I sent this letter to Dr. B’s office and asked to have it forwarded…….After what seemed like a long time I received a note from Dr. Ellery saying that my letter would be forwarded to Dr. Moore……..It was not too much later that I found out that the cancer from Dr. Moore’s eye had spread to his brain and killed him……I send you this info to let you know how loving, kind and compassionate these marvelous men were and how they were truly guided by God’s hand…..

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