Dual Role for Susan Lucci on All My Children

All My Children may be biting the dust come September, but the show is pulling out all the stops to go out with a bang. A powerful story has already been penned for the show’s reigning star Susan Lucci. Beginning May 12, in addition to portraying the role of Erica Kane, Lucci will begin playing the character’s double, Jane Campbell.

Erica’s doppelganger is best described as trouble with a capital “T.” In fact, she will wreak havoc in Eica’s life in every possible way.

The story twist marks the first time in All My Children history that the Emmy award-winning Lucci will be playing a character other than the larger-than-life Erica, the role she’s starred in  since the show debuted in 1970. During her four decades on the soap, Lucci’s Erica has fought a grizzly bear, staged a prison break, and become a world famous super model, cosmetics mogul and talk show host. Her upcoming dual role, however, is sure to be  her biggest challenge to date.

All My Children airs 1 p.m. ET, Monday thru Friday on ABC.

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